Access Rewards

Merchant Funded Rewards for Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards

Differentiate Your Card from the Pack

Access Rewards At A Glance

  • Cardholders earn up to 50% back for using your bankcard at participating merchants
  • Rewards are tracked and paid automatically
  • Payouts are convertible into your choice of currency: points, miles or cash

Today cardholders have a dizzying array of points, miles and cash-back rewards programs to choose from, and the competition for wallet share is fierce.

That’s why we created Access Rewards: a turnkey merchant-funded rewards program that delivers unheard of value – up to 50% back! – on purchases made at both online stores and LOCAL brick-and-mortar merchants. The result? Relevant, unlimited value at places your cardholders dine, shop and patronize every day.

You Don’t Pay the Rewards, Retailers Do 

Traditional points and miles programs are expensive, and require big liabilities for banks and card issuers. With Access Rewards, merchants fund the rewards paid out to cardholders. They provide these incentives to help attract new customers and encourage repeat business. So everyone wins – especially your cardholders.

And That’s Easy Money 

It’s not just the size of the rewards your customers will love. It’s the simplicity. No coupons to present. No questions at the cash register. Cardholders simply pay for purchases at participating merchants using your institution’s debit, credit or prepaid card. The transaction is later identified as a qualifying purchase, and the reward is automatically credited back to the cardholder’s account.

Customized to Enhance Your Brand

We tailor each program with the issuer’s brand in mind—making it easy to deliver a turnkey marketing program that boosts cardholder awareness, loyalty and usage.

Access Rewards comes with a private-label rewards portal you can integrate into your organization’s existing customer website. We also provide print and email marketing services to help drive awareness and engagement. We even offer call-center support to assist customers with their merchant rewards questions.

In other words, we deliver the rewards, you reap the benefits. To learn more about incorporating Access Rewards into your organization’s prepaid or bankcard loyalty program, call or submit your information request today.

With Access Rewards, our bankcard customers experience real value while we see a real increase in overall spend…our cardholders transact more, spend more and are rewarded when they do.
— Cynthia Smith, S.V.P., Bankcard Operations Zions First National Bank

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