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How do we start our fundraiser?

Club leaders should start by clicking this link:

Activation Form: Click here to get started!

This form helps customize your club’s fundraiser. It will take up to 7 business days to complete the creation of your page template. Your club leader will receive an email confirmation from Access Fundraising with a link to your new donation page template. (Put “AccessFundraising.com” on your approved email list, or check your spam/junk mail folder if you don't see it.)

Once your club leader has activated your online fundraising page, you'll receive a link to it—ready for you to add detailed information about your fundraiser.

Who is/can be the Student Leader of the fundraiser?

You should choose the Kiwanis sponsored club member who is the chairperson for your fundraiser (or designate an alternative) to build your fundraising page.

How do we build our page?

Once your club leader has activated your club page:

  1. Click the link and log in.
  2. Add content (name of fundraiser, text, pictures and videos). Also explain the campaign's purpose and how funds will be used.
  3. Send the page link to your club leader for approval.
  4. Upon approval, send an email to your audience about the purpose of your fundraiser.
  5. Use social media channels to promote the event. Include your URL.

How long can our fundraiser run?

There is no time limit. Remember that the higher your goal is, the more time you'll need.

What is the cost for starting a fundraiser?

There is no cost to starting a fundraiser. 

Is there a limit on the number of fundraisers our club can run?

No. But we recommend that you only run one at a time. You don't want to wear out your family and friends' generosity.

Can we track our progress?

Yes. For your active campaign, you'll be able to see how many donors have helped you, donation amounts and your real-time progress toward the goal.

How do we receive our funds?

All funds will be deposited electronically into the bank account of your school, or other sponsoring organization (minus credit card and vendor processing fees). When your club leader activates your fundraising page, he or she will input this banking information.

Once my donors have given, how do they receive their thank you gift?

Donors receive a thank you email from Kiwanis Gives Online with easy instructions on how to log in and register for the discount network. It includes print-and-save coupons at 300,000 merchants and over 200,000 show-your-phone-and-save mobile couponsDonors can use this discount network for six months after registering.

This program is currently offered to Kiwanis sponsored clubs in the United States only.