Customer Incentive Programs

Reward Customers, Motivate Behaviors, and Increase Loyalty with America's Largest Discount Network

    Over 300,000 Discount Incentives from the World’s Best Brands

    Do you offer a compelling customer incentive program to help you acquire and keep profitable customers?  If so, does your incentive marketing plan offer enough value to truly motivate your customers’ buying decisions on an ongoing basis? 

    Access private-label customer incentive programs and loyalty incentives feature exclusive savings from popular restaurants, retailers, hotels, theme parks and more. These incentive programs can be fully customized to match your brand, your target audience, and your target customer behavior, offering:

    • Exclusive discounts at over 300,000 locations nationwide
    • Up to 50% off from America’s top brands
    • Your own online discount incentives website
    • A show-your-phone mobile coupon app
    • Loyalty-building email campaigns
    • Incentive marketing support materials
    • Toll-free customer service


    In today’s noisy marketplace, customers are bombarded with messages and gimmicks designed to reward their behavior. And yet, with all the promises of a good deal, consumers still struggle to find the value – real value. 

    When you give your customers and prospects access to the nation’s largest discount network, you’ll offer tangible value in dollars and cents—not just promises. However, not every organization has the time or resources to build a custom incentive program, so we’ve done the work for you. Savings Across America turnkey incentive plans are designed to give your organization effortless access to a number of valuable benefits and options.

    • Exclusive deals at over 200,000 merchants in our most popular categories
    • Available in three and six month membership packages
    • Provides longer-term value than “one and done” premium incentives
    • Features your brand prominently, so you get the credit
    • Great standalone program or addition to existing rewards catalog
    • Can be purchased in your loyalty currency – points or miles

    In the end, effective customer incentive plans only bring you real loyalty when you offer real rewards for patronizing your business. That’s where Access comes in. We can help you discover the incentive program that’s right for you, right for your customers—and right for your bottom line.