Solving the people problem

Purchasing power is eroding. Benefits costs are skyrocketing. How do you help your employees make ends meet – instead of taking their talents elsewhere?

Access Perks keeps more money in the pockets of your people by saving them hundreds, even thousands of dollars on purchases they make throughout the year.

Unparalleled savings

We’ve spent the past 40+ years working directly with merchants to negotiate the deepest available discounts for businesses and their employees.

Local providers

With over 1 million places to save, Access Perks delivers real value by serving up savings no matter where your employees live, work or travel.

The world’s best brands

If you like the idea of getting great deals from brands you recognize, then you’ll love our savings from over 900 major national restaurants and retail chains.

Everyday purchases

From restaurants and retailers to auto shops and hotel rooms, employees can use Access Perks to save up to 50% every day on food, clothing, travel, entertainment – plus a lot more.

Branded for your business

Your employees should be thanking you, not us. We brand our website and mobile app for your organization.

Toll-free customer service

We answer employee questions and provide technical support, allowing the rest of your staff to remain focused on the work at hand.

Catch Access in action

    Start saving today

    Learn how employers everywhere are saving employees thousands on their everyday purchases with Access Perks, America’s largest employee discount network.

    Other solutions

    Membership Benefits

    Take your member benefits program from ordinary to extraordinary with America’s largest private discount network.

    Loyalty & Rewards

    Happy customers are our specialty. Reward yours with custom discounts and cash-back incentives from our private-label platform.