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Adding Value & Building Loyalty Since 1984

For over 35 years, the Access mission has been to create America’s best private-label network of merchant discounts and rewards. Now, with over 1 million in-store locations offering discounts of 10-50% (average 34%) in virtually every U.S. market, organizations everywhere have come to agree.

The largest of its kind in America, the Access® merchant network does more than just save people money. Organizations use the Access merchant network to achieve their business goals, including:

We even offer targeted merchant recruitment services to organizations that need help securing specialized deals outside of our network.

White Label Benefits: Getting it Your Way


At Access, our merchant content delivery system is designed to help you customize a program to fit your needs and brand. Our merchant offers are white-labeled and served up to look just like your organization. We also expose our content via API to aid in complete customization by your developers.

In addition, Access products and support services ensure that all the needs of your loyalty initiatives are met. They include custom web design and implementation, member analytics, email marketing, graphic design & creative services, printing & fulfillment, and our white-glove voice, email, and chat member services.

In other words: we do the work, you reap the rewards.

Merchants Matter

The Access merchant network is well known among organizations for being the largest of its kind in America. Yet we’re just as proud of our reputation among merchants for being the most sensitive to their business needs as well. Our unique approach to merchant relations involves teaming up with our merchants, not just extracting big discounts at their expense.

We work closely with our merchant partners to help them create compelling offers that will increase traffic and help them grow their business. In addition, we offer educational materials, marketing support and telephone assistance to ensure their experience with the program is as beneficial as it is for consumers.

This focus on the merchant means longer-term relationships, deeper discounts, more exclusive offers, a superior selection in everyday consumer categories, and better customer acceptance at the point of sale.