Fundraising Discount Cards

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    Looking for an easy fundraising idea for your youth group? Then it’s time you learned about TriQuest, a fundraising subsidiary of Access Development.

    TriQuest is a full-service youth fundraising organization, offering such popular money-makers as:

    • Discount card fundraisers (powered by Access®)
    • Online donation programs
    • Alumni Access
    • The Wild Card® fundraising voucher

    The Champions Card and All-America Card

    When your donors and supporters purchase the Champions Card or All-America Card from your youth group, they enjoy savings of up to 50% off at participating retailers nationwide. Because the Access merchant network is available in virtually every market in America, these fundraising discount cards can be sold to friends and relatives anywhere in the USA or Canada to help you raise the cash your club needs – quickly and easily.

    Fundraising Discount Cards from TriQuest are perfect for:

    • Youth football fundraising
    • Soccer fundraising
    • Youth baseball fundraising
    • Basketball fundraising
    • Gymnastics fundraising
    • Dance club fundraising
    • Volleyball fundraising
    • Hockey fundraising
    • Church fundraising
    • School fundraising
    • And every other kind of youth fundraising you can imagine

    To learn about discount card fundraisers from TriQuest, as well as other unique fundraising ideas, visit or submit your request for more information today.