Over 300,000 Membership Discounts from the World’s Best Brands

Wondering how to start a membership club? Wanting better membership benefits for your current club? Access can help you deliver real value that will keep your members happy, and your membership club more profitable.

Access turnkey membership clubs and benefits feature exclusive savings from popular restaurants, retailers, hotels, theme parks and more. Branded on behalf of your organization, each private-label benefit program offers you and your members:

  • Exclusive discounts at over 300,000 locations nationwide
  • Your own white label membership benefits website
  • A show-your-phone mobile coupon app
  • Loyalty-building email campaigns
  • Membership marketing support
  • A custom club membership card
  • Toll-free customer service


With so many organizations and products competing for money and attention these days, it takes more to acquire, keep and engage your club members. By starting a discount membership club with exclusive savings at the places your members shop every day, Access gives you the power to attract and keep profitable club members—while creating a recurring revenue stream for ongoing profits.

Access By The Numbers

  • Everyday savings of 10-50% off
  • At over 300,000 merchants nationwide
  • Serving 100% of top U.S. markets
  • In virtually every city & town in America
  • 250,000+ "Show Your Phone" mobile coupons
  • Over 500 national brands

We empower your audience to save hundreds of dollars on the purchases they make every day, as well as big-ticket purchases like vacations and other luxury items. With membership benefits like these, your members can easily save enough to offset the costs of membership, making retention a virtual certainty.

So, whether you’re ready to start a club or simply wondering how to start a membership club with benefits that matter, let Access help you with a club benefit program that can deliver the value your members are looking for—and keep your club profitable for years to come. 

Access is more than a great member benefit – it is a convenient, fun way for [our members] to find great deals on everything from groceries to home improvements to vacation getaways.
— Jacqui Sisto, Communications Director, Florida Education Association