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Raise More, Keep More and Give Back More with WeFundThem

Looking for a better online fundraiser? WeFundThem is a secure, team-friendly online fundraising platform that helps causes and charities raise more money.

Groups use WeFundThem to collect donations from friends and family no matter where they live – whether it’s down the street or across the country. Participants simply enter the contact information of their supporters, and WeFundThem’s automated marketing system goes to work.

  • Friends and family can donate WHEREVER they live
  • Each fundraiser sets up in just MINUTES
  • It's easy for both kids AND organizers to use
  • It works seamlessly on mobile phones
  • It includes real-time reporting

Plus, WeFundThem is the only online fundraiser that rewards your supporters with a thank-you gift – discounts from popular businesses throughout America. Donations pay for themselves!


You Keep Up to 100% of Each Donation

We believe causes should get to keep as much of the money they raise as possible. So instead of taking a big percentage of donations, we simply ask supporters to pay a little extra to help cover the cost of the transaction.

Raising money online with WeFundThem means NO door-to-door selling, NO product inventory to maintain, and NO collection hassles.

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