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Get More Mileage from Your Loyalty Program

Remember when rewards were more rewarding – both for customers and loyalty program providers?

And yet, with so many rewards programs competing for attention (and so FEW points and miles actually being redeemed), customer engagement and customer loyalty remain more elusive than ever.

The solution? PowerDeals: a nationwide network of merchant offers where consumers make smaller, more frequent redemptions of their points, miles or other loyalty currency in exchange for:

  • BIG savings
  • On everyday purchases
  • From local merchants
  • And popular national brands
  • With LOW redemption hurdles

In return, loyalty and rewards programs get the results that matter most:

  • Higher member engagement
  • More frequent redemptions
  • High perceived value & relevance
  • Dramatically lower costs (CPP / CPM)

Contact us today to learn how Access PowerDeals can help you add more value and get more mileage from your customer loyalty or rewards program.