Custom Solutions for Acquisition, Retention, Cross Sales & Transactional Revenue

Access offers an array of flexible, merchant funded bank loyalty programs and credit union loyalty programs that seamlessly integrate into your marketing efforts to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction with programs that help offset bank fees
  • Reduce attrition with stronger banking customer retention incentives
  • Boost transactional/interchange revenue from your card-based products
  • Build cardholder preference and increase usage and spend levels
  • Upsell customers into more profitable accounts
  • Reward your most valuable customers with VIP loyalty club benefits

Access offers two proven, merchant-funded programs that can be used separately or in tandem to help retail banks and credit unions acquire, retain and engage account holders while increasing transactional revenue.

#1: Cardholder Discounts at Over 350,000 Merchant Locations

ACCESS INSTANT SAVINGS is a private label point-of-sale discount program that adds enormous value to your account holder relationships. And because so many of the discounts are from local providers in your neighborhood, it helps support your image as a true “community bank.” 

These bank loyalty programs come with:

  • Exclusive merchant funded discounts from America’s top brands and local stores
  • Over 350,000 participating restaurants, retailers, hotels, theme parks and more
  • Your own online bank loyalty website
  • Loyalty-building email campaigns
  • Marketing support materials
  • Toll-free customer service

#2: Merchant-Funded Rewards on Debit & Credit Card Transactions

ACCESS REWARDS is a unique, bank rewards program that automatically issues up to 50% merchant-funded cash rewards for credit, debit and prepaid card purchases at participating locations.

Access Rewards comes with a variety of features that cardholders and issuers both love:

  • Thousands of participating merchants nationwide
  • Both online AND in-store rewards
  • Local relevance and national brands
  • Unprecedented reward levels
  • No-hassle redemption
  • Differentiates your card from the competition
  • Motivates cardholder spending for increased transactional revenue

Access Rewards At A Glance

  • Cardholders earn up to 50% back for using your bankcard at participating merchants
  • Rewards are tracked and paid automatically
  • Payouts are convertible into your choice of currency: points, miles or cash

Some of the nation’s largest retail banks rely on Access to deliver cost-conscious programs that outperform traditional, costly rewards platforms.

Don’t settle for an average bank loyalty program when you’re just 15 minutes away from a real, high-impact solution.  Contact us today to learn how Access can add value to your bank or credit union loyalty program.

With Access Rewards, our bankcard customers experience real value while we see a real increase in overall spend…our cardholders transact more, spend more and are rewarded when they do.
— Cynthia Smith, S.V.P., Bankcard Operations Zions First National Bank