At a Glance

  • After an initial projection of 2,500, a Farm Bureau’s discount program member benefit has grown to more than 21,000 enrollees
  • On average, a single savings transaction nearly covers a member’s annual dues
  • As a result, online traffic and engagement are surging

The Problem

A state Farm Bureau sought a way to increase acquisition and member engagement, especially among younger generations. As the key voice for agriculture in its state, the Farm Bureau recognized the importance of a large and engaged member base.

The organization needed a boost in benefits. “We were looking for something new and different to spark interest with our membership,” says the Farm Bureau’s Vice President of Membership.

The Solution

At the encouragement of other Farm Bureaus across the country, this particular Farm Bureau added a discount program by Access Development to their member benefits package. The two companies collaborated to build a benefit featuring seven savings categories plus grocery coupons and a travel booking engine.

“Access is something I can give to a sales agent that’s tangible,” the VP of Membership says. “They can give a member a coupon and it shows instant value for their $40 membership.”

The member benefit package also includes a mobile app with thousands more “show your phone” mobile coupons. The app enables the Farm Bureau to send push notifications reminding members of important dates and renewals.

The key differentiator for Access is local relevance. Like many companies, this Farm Bureau’s clients spanned major urban areas and small, rural communities.

“We had to have a program that’s relevant to completely different types of populations. A cookie cutter approach never works for us,” says the VP of Membership.

The Results

The new member benefit is energizing the membership base and increasing engagement levels. Over 21,000 members have enrolled, far surpassing the original goal of 2,500. 

Their typical savings on a single redemption is over $30 – nearly the cost of an annual membership.

“We’re receiving real life testimonials about how much they’re saving,” the VP of Membership says. 

The program is also opening doors with younger potential members, resulting in increased sales in college towns, among others. “We’ve seen much more interest among younger generations because they need to save money, and it’s easy to use on their phones,” the VP of Membership notes.

Moving forward, the Farm Bureau’s plan is to continue to push for members to register and use the benefit.

“We really want them to keep seeing the value of their membership,” the VP of Membership says. “It keeps working, so we’re going to keep promoting it and getting people to sign up.”