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Merchant Funded Rewards & Discounts Help Deliver Top-of-Wallet Results

Looking for a credit card loyalty program with real value and cardholder impact? Access offers an array of merchant-funded programs designed to support your cardholder marketing efforts and help your organization:

  • Improve cardholder loyalty
  • Reduce attrition with stronger banking customer retention incentives
  • Build cardholder preference and increase usage and spend levels
  • Upsell customers into more profitable accounts
  • Reward your most valuable customers

Access By The Numbers

  • 1 MM+ locations to save
  • The most 50% off / BOGO deals
  • Avg. savings of 34% per transaction
  • Serving 100% of top U.S. markets
  • The most local in-store offers
  • Over 700 popular national brands

Cardholder Discounts at Over 700,000 Merchant Locations

Access Instant Savings is a private-label point-of-sale discount platform that turns your payment card into a valuable everyday savings tool. You and your cardholders will enjoy:

  • Exclusive merchant funded discounts from America’s top brands and local stores
  • Over 1 million participating restaurants, retailers, hotels, theme parks and more
  • Your own online cardholder loyalty website
  • Marketing support materials
  • Toll-free customer service

Some of the nation’s largest payment card issuers rely on Access to deliver cost-conscious, merchant-funded loyalty programs that outperform traditional, costly credit card rewards platforms.

So don’t settle for an average cardholder loyalty program when you’re just 15 minutes away from a real, high-impact solution. Contact us today to learn how your organization’s debit and credit cards can benefit from Access cardholder loyalty solutions.

“Our loyalty and motivation programs have members in virtually every community in America, so it’s critical for our programs to offer relevant value nationwide. Access is...a company that is committed to delivering value for our loyalty and motivation program members and helping us achieve better results for our clients.”

— Michelle Sarkisian, Senior Vice President, Maritz Enterprise Solutions Group